Lima, Peru - September 18th to 22nd

Tourist attractions

Find the main tourist destinations you can visit in Peru. Discover the abundant treasures of this breathtaking country!

Machu Picchu

A 1.100 km

From Lima

The cultural and natural heritage of Peru has been recognized as one of the seven wonders of the modern world since 2007. Built around 1450 and discovered in 1911, the sacred citadel is located in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, representing one of the most important religious, political, and cultural centers of the Inca empire.

The city is divided into two large sectors: the agricultural one, with a vast network of artificial platforms or terraces and the urban one, with beautiful constructions like the Temple of the Sun. Its lush green terraces and the majestic mountain range that surround it form a stunning landscape that surpasses any expectation.

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A 300 km

From Lima

The Laguna de Huacachina is an ideal place to disconnect from the routine, achieve optimal rest, and practice adventure sports. Highlighted by its natural charm and scenic beauty, it is an oasis surrounded by an immense desert, vegetation, and huge dunes.

In 2017, the British medium The Telegraph included the oasis of Huacachina among the 21 most impressive destinations in the world to visit, the only one in Latin America in the prestigious list.

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Nazca Lines

A 400 km

From Lima

This is one of the greatest mysteries in human history: located in Ica, south of Lima, these intriguing hieroglyphs attract thousands of visitors every year.

Among the nearly 800 designs that exist, there are animal figures (hummingbird, monkey, spider, etc.) that can measure up to 270 meters in length.

According to some studies, the lines were designed between the years 500 A. C. and 500 D. C. but only in 1927 were they discovered thanks to the American anthropologist Paul Kosok, who claimed that the figures represented a large astronomical calendar.

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A special place in the Peruvian Amazon: this region brings together natural, cultural, and archaeological wonders very unknown until recently. Surrounded by orchids and inhabited by spectacular species, such as the Spatula-tailed hummingbird, the spectacled bear, or the mythical rock cock, it is one of the favorite places for sightseeing and discovering stories never heard before.

Characterized by its magnificent natural scenery and ancient history that exposes to its visitors, in Amazonas, it is possible to make a walk for a wet and fresh trail through which the final goal is reached: an imposing waterfall.

Historical tour of Lima

Taking advantage of the headquarters of our Conference, one of the mandatory circuits of Lima is the colonial route through the Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Mayor) of Lima, where you can appreciate the imposing colonial architecture of the Cathedral, the Government Palace of Peru, and the Municipal Palace.

This trip also includes Plaza San Martín, Plaza del Congreso, and Desamparados train station, where you can enjoy the architecture of colonial houses and balconies. Finally, you can finish your day on the Paseo de las Aguas with a spectacular night light show that delights adults and children.


History comes alive in Cusco. The ancient capital of Peru during the Inca Empire still retains traces of what was the most important power of this ancient civilization. Here you can travel through the Ausangate, also known as the sacred mountain; visit the Sacred Valley, which has villages wrapped in a surprising mysticism; and enjoy Awanakancha, the only theme park of South American camelids.

The options for sightseeing in Cusco are endless. In the same city, there are endless activities and attractions to discover. For example, to know the Cusco history through a walk through its Historic Center or the route of the Andean Baroque, where you can appreciate buildings with the old colonial touch.


History, adventure, fabulous landscapes, wildlife, gastronomy, art, and much more is hidden in the Villa de Nuestra Señora de la Asunta de Arequipa -name with which it was founded, in 1540-, which is firmly guarded by its most imposing natural attraction: the Misti volcano.

From the countryside you can contemplate the modern city from its exterior -where traditions and ancient locations are still preserved- surrounded by beautiful landscapes full of green. From the viewpoints of Yanahuara, Sachaca, or Carmen Alto, you can see the fabulous scenarios offered by Arequipa.

In the historic center, it is also possible to travel back in time thanks to the more than 500 colonial houses of European-Andean style that make up the city, also adorned by vaults and white arches made of ashlar.


In this special place, there are still communities that live as in the past, transmitting their knowledge and customs to the new generations, maintaining a unique experience.

Ucayali is characterized by its wonderful geography that gives three natural floors: low jungle, high jungle, and jungle fringe. In addition, here it is possible to see how shamans call the spirit of plants to guide healing, as well as a place where waterfalls cover the mountains to finally become quiet lagoons.


The Pisco Route

Peru's signature drink is pisco, which has a protected designation of origin, awards, and worldwide recognition.

The Pisco route gives access to the vineyards of Chincha and Ica, an exceptional area for their production. From there you can visit various wineries and discover the cultural baggage of Pisco and its production process.

In addition, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of Ica, as well as its beautiful beaches and dunes where adventure sports can be practiced.

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Gastronomic tour

Lima revolves around food: considered the gastronomic capital of Latin America, it has excellent restaurants and bars where you can find flavors and historical ingredients.

Some of the typical dishes of Peru are ceviche, chifa and anticuchos. Additionally, in this country, you can find restaurants like Central, Maido, or Astrid & Gastón, which are considered the best in the world according to The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

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