Lima, Peru - September 18th to 22nd

About the event

With 25 years of experience, the Latin American Rubber Technology Conference has become the most important event of its industry in Latin America. This renowned event offers opportunities to update knowledge about the latest technological trends and generate relevant business contacts.


The Venue






You will be able to attend talks featuring world-class speakers, cutting-edge technologies, and the latest knowledge, including industry 4.0 and nanotechnologies. Live questions will be available as always.


Latin American Rubber Technology Society (SLTC).

• Summarizing so many years in so few minutes is a challenge. Here we go!

The Latin American Rubber Technology Society brings together professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs from the sector. With partners distributed all over the world, an online magazine and dozens of conferences and courses throughout the region, we are committed to technological, entrepreneurial, and management knowledge in the rubber industry.

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About The Venue

NOS Convention Center:
the meeting point

Av. Camino Real 1037, San Isidro, Lima.

The NOS Convention Center of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) articulates technological progress, business, knowledge, and culture in the heart of San Isidro, Lima.

Composed of two interconnected office towers, the venue has a theater, an auditorium, multiple-use areas, a training center, classrooms, and an audiovisual room for 100 attendees. Both the variety of spaces and their design respond to the intention of providing building connectivity that enhances the work of those who use them.

In the heart of the building is its monumental and luminous theater. With the capacity to hold more than 600 people, it will be the venue for JornadasCaucho' technical conferences and lectures.

For more information on the headquarters, visit special article in SLTCaucho Magazine.

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