Lima, Peru - September 18th to 22nd


Once again, we learned with the classic intensive courses in the 2 days before the Conference.

Floor 6 | Room 6AB

Integrative Course on Rubber Formulations and Processes:
Theory and Experience

• Theoretical and practical foundations for the optimal design of rubber formulations and their adjustment to solve different quality and manufacturing problems (productivity, processability, profitability of products).

• Main characteristics of rubber essential processes (mixing, extruding, calendering, molding, injection, continuous vulcanization, rubber-textile adhesion, rubber-metal adhesion, etc.).

• Implementation of programs in the factory to eliminate defects and improve business economics.

Coordinator: Esteban Friedenthal

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Floor 6 | Room 6C

The Laboratory as a materials control and development tool

• Characterization techniques (infrared, rheometry, rheology, swelling, stress-deformation, DSC, TGA) for effective quality control of materials, raw and vulcanized compounds, and product quality.

• Technique basics, its potential and interpretation of results. Laboratories capable of performing analyses.

Coordinator: Marly Jacobi

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Floor 6 | Room 6E

Latex technology and its applications

Focus on the use of latex for different products using various technologies. Also, we will review the types of latex, the formulas to be used, process techniques and common manufacturing problems. Immersion processes, foams, and thermoforming will be covered. Aimed at students, technicians, and professionals interested in a natural and self-sustainable product.

Coordinator: Günther Lottmann

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Speakers Pre-Conferences

Meet the international specialists who accompanied us Pre-Conferences! Click on each of them to learn more.

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